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CLUB PAIRS REPORT - 26th June 2022

CLUB PAIRS REPORT - 26th June 2022

Saturday, July 2, 2022

In an event which was difficult to organise following a Covid outbreak and a number of withdrawals, 6 pairs competed, each pair playing three matches of 8 ends before a final between the two best placed pairings.

Round 1 of matches started with Jimmy Gillie and Sandra Fullerton taking on Dod Watson & Alex Weir. End 5 proved the turning point with Alex and Dod picking up a five from which they never looked back – an 11-2 win secured. Anne Clarke was paired with Neil Craig as they took on the pairing of Robert Moorehead, Diane Mitchell (and Jane Stevenson). If only the extra person had been available when we were one short for the Anderson triples! 5-0 up after two ends this looked like one way traffic for Neil and Anne – but hold on, going down the last and suddenly the score had been pulled back to only 7-6 in their favour. The comeback faltered on the last, however, as a three gave the pair a 10-6 win. The final match of round 1 saw Robert Clarke and Sandra Shackleton take on Gordon Gilder & Alan Gilchrist. The latter pair got off to a bad start losing the first four ends of the match and conceding 7 shots in the process. 7-0 down and despite winning three of the last four ends the damage was done – an 8-3 win followed for Sandra and Robert.

Round 2 and the leaders after round 1, Alex and Dod faced the triple. History tells us that a pair probably wins the vast majority of these matches and at 5-1 up at the halfway point Alex and Dod were strolling towards another victory. Two threes, however, on ends 5 and 6 and suddenly they trailed 7-5 – they picked up a single on the penultimate end to trail by 1 going down the last but the surprise of the day was a single on the last for Robert M, Diane and Jane as they picked up an 8-6 win. The next match in Round 2 was a one sided affair as Anne and Neil romped home against Gordon and Alan – a run of three ends where they scored a two, a four and a three ended Alan and Gordon’s interest in the Competition – a 12-2 win put Anne and Neil in a strong position going into the final round of matches. After a big loss in the first round Jimmy and Sandra F then really put the cat amongst the pigeons as they started their match against Robert C and Sandra S with a three, a five and a single to go 9-0 up after 3 ends. They would never relinquish their lead as they recorded a 13-5 win.

With the final round of matches to play only Alan and Gordon were out of the running of reaching the final. They found their form a little too late with an 8-2 win against Dod and Alex, putting the latter pairing out of the running as well. The only undefeated side, Neil and Anne then fell to a surprising 6-4 defeat to Jimmy and Sandra F who were clearly on a roll after their storming win in Round 2 – a 6-4 victory for Jimmy and Sandra and they had done all they could with two wins out of three – Neil and Anne’s two previous wins still gave them the advantage on shot difference. Jimmy and Sandra F had a few chances to reach the final – a win by 4 shots or less for either of the final two contenders or a draw would see them through to the final.  And after four ends between the triple and Robert & Sandra it was going brilliantly for them, Robert and Sandra leading 3-2. Unfortunately for Jimmy and Sandra F, however, the next four ends were disastrous for Robert M, Diane and Jane as they lost a two and then three consecutive threes as Robert and Sandra S secured the biggest win of the day, 14-2

Form being in with a chance of reaching the final, those four ends resulted in 6th place for Robert M, Diane and Jane, 5th place was secured by Gordon and Alan, Dod and Alex, after a good start, finished 4th whilst third place went to Jimmy and Sandra F.

The final pitted Robert C & Sandra S against Anne and Neil and what a cracking final it was. At the halfway mark, Anne and Neil led 4-2. Both pairs knew that with only 4 ends to go you have to avoid losing big scores – what a disastrous fifth end for the leaders – a six and suddenly they trailed 8-4. But there was still time to recover from that and they did so with a 2 on end 6 and a single on end 7 – 8-7 going into the final end and it came down to a single on that last end – which went the way of Robert and Sandra as they secured a terrific 9-7 win. Sandra clearly likes this tournament – she won it last year with Alex as well!  Well done to all who took part.

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