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Anderson Triples Report

Anderson Triples Report

Saturday, July 2, 2022

The sun came out (for a little bit) for our first June Competition, the Anderson Triples. It was great to have our sponsor, Greig Anderson at the Club supporting the event. A good afternoon of bowls ensued in a round robin format. The first controversy of the weekend came before a Jack was thrown as we suddenly went from having too many players to fit the schedule to having one to few! A late withdrawal and the Margaret Scott Triple became a pair! Margaret and Greig McDonell started their campaign off against Alan Gilchrist, Lesley Alexander and Robert Moorhead – 3-3 going up the last end and Alan secured a 4 for a 7-3 win. Meanwhile, pre-tournament favourites, Lee Wilson, Sandra Fullerton and Roddy McGeoch faced a tough opener against many people’s fancied triple of Alan Alexander, Billy Nisbet and Neil Craig.  This match was effectively over on the fourth end with the Nisbet triple picking up a five – there was no way back from that, final score 7-2. The final match of Round 1 saw Dod Watson, Robert Clarke and Jimmy Gillie take on Leonard Moorehead, Isabel MacRae and Alex Weir (the Bookies had them as close 2nd favourites just behind the Wilson triple). It was close but 3 pairs for the Weir triple saw them triumph 6-4.

Round 2 saw the leaders after Round 1, Billy, Alan A & Neil come a cropper against Margaret, Greig and Mrs Invisible as they fell to a 5-2 defeat. That left the door open for the other two winners from Round 1 as they faced off against each other – Alex, Isabel and Lenny were too strong for Lesley, Robert M and Alan G as they secured a comfortable 6-2 win. Could the favourites get their campaign back on track? A resounding no was the answer! Jimmy, Dod and Robert C romped to a 9-2 win against Lee, Sandra and Roddy.

Going into Round 3 and only one team were undefeated – Lenny, Isabel and Alex – they took on Margaret, Greig and you know who and couldn’t quite believe what happened – 2-0 up after two ends they then lost a five, a two and a three for a 10-2 loss. The biggest result of the day though went to Lesley, Robert M and Alan G as they completely finished off any chances Lee, Sandra and Roddy had of a comeback with a resounding 11-1 win. Who knows what was happening in Round 3 – the crazy results continued as Dod, Robert C and Jimmy thumped Alan A, Billy & Neil by 10 shots to 1. The three winning teams in this round had scored 31 shots with the loss of only 4 – bizarre indeed.  

Round 4 and the surprise leaders, Dod, Robert C & Jimmy lost out 6-3 to Margaret & Greig; Lesley, Robert M and Alan G fell out of the running with an 8-1 loss to Alan A, Billy and Neil whilst Alex, Isabel and Lenny kept their chances of the trophy very much alive with a 9-2 win against Lee, Sandra and Roddy.

As the final round began, Margaret led the way on shot difference from Alex. 3 of the other teams were a game behind and two of those met in the final round as Dod, Robert C and Jimmy finally put paid to the challenge from Lesley, Robert M and Alan G with a 5-1 win. Alex, Lenny and Isabel took on Alan A, Neil and Billy and a surprise win for the latter triple effectively ended Alex’s chances.  Margaret knew a win would secure victory and Lee, Sandra and Roddy finished a miserable day off with another loss – 5-1.

So in the end, the invisible third player was probably the difference as she combined with Margaret and Greig for 4 wins out of five. Courtesy of some big wins, Dod, Robert C and Jimmy picked up 2nd place on shot difference from Alex, Lenny and Isabel both teams with 3 wins out of five.

A good day was brought to a close by some gorgeous fish and chips, courtesy of our sponsors (the best fish in the Borders without a doubt) and a long night in the bar followed…

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