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Friday, June 10, 2022
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7th May 2022
Friday, September 24, 2021

23rd May 2021 – TWO BOWL PAIRS

Winners – Alex Weir & Lee Wilson

Runners-Up – Ian Hogarth & Jimmy Gillie


29th May 2021 – LBC Triples

Winners – Alex Weir, Jimmy Gillie & Alan Richards

Runners-Up – Anne Clarke, Isabel MacRae & Robert Moorehead


5th June 2021 – LAUDER 500 TROPHY

Winners – Avril Wilson & Isabel MacRae

Runners-Up – Lesley Alexander, Neil Craig & Conor Malcolm



Winner – Lee Wilson

Runner-Up – Ian Hogarth


3rd July 2021 – SLEIGH CUP

Winners – Billy Nisbet, Robert Moorehead, Gwenda Ainslie & Greig McDonell

Runners-Up – Dod Watson, Christine Elrick, Neil Craig & Alex Weir


10th July 2021 – MIXED PAIRS

Winners – Christine Elrick & Lee Wilson

Runners- Up – Isabel MacRae & Greig McDonell


18th July 2021 – CENTENARY PAIRS

Winners – Anne Clarke & Neil Craig

Runner-Up – Alan Richards & Greig McDonell


21st August 2021 – BEST OF THREE

Winner – Alan Gilchrist

Runner-Up – Greig McDonell


4th September 2021 – TWO BOWL TRIPLES

Winners – Lesley Alexander, Leonard Moorehead & Greig McDonell

Runners-Up –Isabel MacRae, Conor Malcolm & Robert Clarke


12th September 2021 – CLUB PAIRS

Winners – Alex Weir & Sandra Shackleton

Runners-Up – Jonathan Davidson & Billy Nisbet


Week of 13th Sep 2020 – FLOODLIT PAIRS

Winners – Christine Elrick & Greig McDonell

Runners-Up – Keith Atkinson & Alan Gilchrist



Winner – Greig McDonell

Runner-Up – Neil Craig



Winner – Christopher Ainslie

Runner Up- Robert Clarke



Winner – Gwenda Ainslie

Runner-Up – Anne Clarke



Winner – Gwenda Ainslie

Runner-Up – Billy Nisbet



Winner – Alan Gilchrist

Runner-Up – Anne Clarke



Winner – Conor Malcolm

Runner-Up – Robert Clarke



Winners – Lee Wilson & Robert Clarke

Runners-Up – Greig McDonell & Alex Weir



Winners – Carol Davidson & Isabel MacRae

Runners-Up – Gwenda Ainslie & Anne Clarke

Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday 10th September saw us play two finals, the Presidents Prize and the Senior Championship.

In the first of these finals, new boy Conor Malcolm was looking to pick up silverware in his first season with the Club – he had the advantage of our dodgy handicap system coming in as a scratch player as a new member to the Club. He would take on Robert Clarke who, on -2, gave Conor a two-shot advantage. After 5 ends the match was back on level terms at 3-3. The next 5 ends saw the players exchange singles with Conor leading 6-5. The next three ends seemed to put Robert in control – he picked up 5 unanswered shots to take the biggest lead of the match, 10-6. The final swung one way then the other as Conor fought back and after 19 ends, courtesy of a 3 (the biggest score of the match) he took a 13-12 lead. This was a long tight match – 25 ends played, and Conor led 17-14 but a 3 on end 26 saw the scores tied again at 17-17. The match was there for the taking and going into what turned out to be the final end of the night Conor held a 19-18 lead. A great tussle between the two was concluded after 30 ends with a pair for Conor as he triumphed by 21 shots to 18. That two shot advantage which seemed of little consequence at the beginning of the night did in fact make the difference in the end.

In the Senior Championship, Billy Nisbet took on Gwenda Ainslie in a terrific match. Gwenda started as the underdog but when she went 7-0 up after 4 ends Billy looked very unsettled. Those 7 shots though were quickly recovered for the loss of only one shot over the course of the next 4 ends as Billy reduced the deficit to 7-8. It seemed however, that every time Billy threatened to catch and overtake Gwenda, she rose to the challenge – 14-10 up but back came Billy to 14-13 – he kept getting close but could never quite get in front. Five unanswered shots over the next 3 ends and it looked like curtains for the pre-match favourite – 19-13 down after 18 ends and Gwenda looked comfortable. Billy never gave up though and battled back to trail by only one again after 22 ends, Gwenda holding a slender 20-19 lead. As had happened throughout the match though, Gwenda responded again – she was not to be defeated and a single gave her a merited 21-19 victory – a fitting victory in the end given that Gwenda had never been behind and of the 23 ends played she had won 14 of them. Well done to Gwenda.


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Ladies Championship Final saw defending Champion from 2019, Anne Clarke face the multi-time Champion, Gwenda Ainslie in the final played on 11th September. The two players have had good seasons and the final was a terrific affair which swung one way then the other.

It was Anne who got off to the better start and after 6 ends she led by 6 shots to 3. Gwenda, however, then won four ends in a row picking up a single and three 2’s as she took a 10-6 lead. In this topsy turvy battle, Anne then picked up a single and her second three of the contest as the scores were tied at 10-10 after 12 ends.

Gwenda appeared to then take control and it looked as if she was going to stroll to victory as she picked up 5 of the next 6 ends to lead 17-11 after 18 ends played.  But Anne was not ready to surrender her title quite yet. Over the course of the next six ends played, she won five of them and suddenly the match was back in the balance with Gwenda holding a slim 18-17 advantage after 24 ends played. Gwenda had not scored more than a pair in any of those 24 ends – what a time to put that stat to bed – End 25 and she picked up a 3 to get over the line by 21 shots to 17. Congratulations to Gwenda and commiserations to Anne who made a real fight of it.

The Second Final of the Day was the Gents Pairs which saw Robert Clarke & Lee Wilson take on Greig McDonell & Alex Weir in a 15-end contest. At 8-0 up after 4 ends this looked like it was going to be extremely one sided in favour of Lee & Robert. Four of the next 5 ends, however, went the way of Greig & Alex as they cut the deficit to 9-5. Lee was, by far, player of the match. On several occasions, he changed the course of the end, either cutting down a big score or doing enough to overturn a losing position. They regained their 8 shot advantage after 11 ends with a single and a 3 and although Greig & Alex fought hard, picking up 4 shots themselves over the next two ends, they could never quite recover from their awful start. Needing a five on the last end, a 3 made the score respectable but in truth, Lee & Robert were always in control, winning the match by 14 shots to 12.

In the Ladies Pairs Final, the two singles finalists combined to take on Isabel MacRae and Carol Davidson. The sensible money was on Anne & Gwenda to steamroller their way to victory, but when Carol & Isabel picked up a five on end 4 to take a 7-1 lead the favourites looked in trouble. They responded remarkably in the very next end and picked up a 6!! 7-7 after 5 ends and this looked like it was going to be a high scoring affair. The favourites picked up two 2’s on ends 6 and 9 but ends 8 and 10 saw the underdogs pick up a 4 and a 3 and after 10 ends they led by 15 shots to 11. A shock was most definitely on the cards and 3 singles over the course of the next 4 ends meant that Gwenda & Anne trailed 18-13 going down the last – just like the Gents pairs final they needed a 5 to force an extra end. Carol & Isabel held their nerve and despite the loss of a pair they were over the moon to have secured a terrific 18-15 win. Well done to them.


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