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Thursday, June 3, 2021, 16:31

Saturday 29th May saw us bask in sunshine for our second Club competition of the season, the LBC Triples. 21 players were drawn into 7 triples in a round robin format. The first controversy of the weekend came well before a Jack was thrown as on the eve of the Competition, after a rather long-winded committee meeting there was some debate about how many ends should be played in each match. 6 was proposed as well as 8. A compromise of 7 was decided although that was to turn out to be a mistake! Then, at just after 10.30pm, a late withdrawal left us scrambling to find a replacement. Fortunately, Ewan was still awake at just before midnight and stepped in as replacement!

And so to competition day. The green was cut and was looking great as the first round of matches got underway. The tie of the round looked to be Alex, Jimmy & Alan R v Alan G, Neil and Robert C – and so it proved as the match went to the final end, Alex, Jimmy & Alan just holding on for a 5-3 win. Anne C, Isabel and Robert M produced the biggest win of round 1 v Dod, Sandra S and Lee whilst Ewan, Kev & Billy tied 8-8 with the all ladies’ team of Anne R, Sandra F and Carol.

Round 2 saw wins for Alex, Jimmy & Alan R, Alan G, Neil & Robert and Malcolm, Jonathan & Greig. By the completion of Round 3, however, there was only one undefeated team following another win for the Alex Weir triple. As the halfway point was reached the decision to play 6 matches of 7 ends was starting to look decidedly dodgy and so it was decided to drop an end from each match.

The next two rounds of matches produced some surprising results. It looked like the main challengers to the undefeated Weir triple were Alan G, Neil and Robert but they needed help from others – their chances disappeared though after a loss to Dod, Sandra S and Lee. The overall victory for the Weir triple was then guaranteed after a win in their penultimate match, which controversially was played out of order. It appears that the all female triple of Sandra F, Anne R and Carol were not keen on sitting out the penultimate round of matches and wanted their day over quick. Of course, they blame Alex for not saying anything and by the time it was noticed they had already started their match. The quote from the match secretary was that it had “nowt to do with me”. With the event falling into chaos, it might have been better had the Alan G triple owned up to the fact that they had already suffered two losses (something else unnoticed at that point) – a decision may then have been taken to not bother playing the final round of matches – ah what fun!

The unfortunate outcome of the Alex v Sandra match being played out of order was that Ewan, Billy and Kev ended up sitting out two matches in a row – huge apologies to them from the Alex and Sandra trios!

The final round of matches saw the ultimate winners lose their only match of the day against Malcolm, Jonathan and Greig but Jimmy was quoted afterwards as saying he wasn’t even trying – he just wanted the day over so he could get on with celebrating at the Lauderdale. The battle for second place was to be decided on shot difference and a big win for Anne C, Isabel and Robert in their last match saw them take the runners up spot by the narrowest of margins from Alan, Neil and Robert. The final positions were as follows:

Winners - Alex, Jimmy & Alan R

Runners-Up - Anne C, Isabel & Robert M

Third - Alan G, Neil & Robert C

Fourth - Dod, Sandra S & Lee

Fifth - Jonathan, Malcolm & Greig

Sixth - Ewan, Billy & Kevin

Seventh, Sandra F, Anne R & Carol

Well done to Alex, Jimmy and Alan for the win and to all players who took part, and apologies to those who got in trouble for the late finish! This is what competitive play is all about though, controversial moments, arguments and disagreements, frustration and annoyance and some good old-fashioned fun – ah there’s nothing better on a sunny Saturday afternoon!

They say that all experience is good experience so that will be put into practice this coming weekend with the Lauder 500 Trophy – it will run like a dream according to our Club President!


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