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Our Ladies Open Pairs Competition took place on a lovely Sunday afternoon and attracted a good entry. 18 Pairs were split initially into three groups of 6. The Club were well represented with 5 pairings flying the flag for Lauder.
Section 1 saw some cracking games. It looked as if the group winners would be decided as a result of the match between Lauder’s Margaret Scott and Christine Elrick and the Pairing of A Black & R MacKenzie (Earlston & Melrose). Both pairs had won their other four matches. At 5-1 down with two ends to play, it looked bleak for the Lauder pair but a three on the penultimate end was followed by a single on the last and it was rather fitting that the match was tied. With a better shot difference, the home pair won the Group and qualified for the semi-final.
In Section 2 the Pairing of Cameron and Moffat (Melrose) were clear winners of the group - 4 wins and 1 defeat saw them reach the semi-final stage.

Section 3 saw two Lauder pairings compete and the only undefeated team was the Club’s Anne Clarke and Gwenda Ainslie. They had some really tight matches – they won 2 matches by a single shot and one match by 2 shots. They were in danger of losing their way at 5-1 down with one end to play in their 4th match but a cracking last end saw them pick up a 4 to tie the contest. Their last match saw them 2 down going into the last end and they again dug deep to score a pair to tie that contest as well. 3 wins and two draws gave them 8 points, the group win and an automatic place in the semi-final. The best second placed finish and the last semi-final place was taken by Group 1’s MacKenzie and Black – their 9 points would have won them both of the other groups!
A Lauder finalist was ensured as the first semi saw Gwenda & Anne take on Margaret and Christine. Surprisingly, the match was very one-sided as Gwenda & Anne ran out 10-1 winners. The second semi-final was equally as one sided with Cameron & Moffat romping to a 9-1 victory.

After a long day which saw 49 matches take place on the rink, the stage was set for a terrific final. The home duo deservedly found themselves in the final as the only pair throughout the day not to lose a match. The final was a tight affair and going into the last end the match was all square. A terrific bowl took the jack into the ditch on that last end for the home pairing and with that they finished the day off with a terrific win against the Melrose pairing of Cameron & Moffat.  Well done to Gwenda & Anne.


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Weeks 11 and 12 of the 2019 Border Bowling League saw only two matches completed for Lauder’s  Ladies and Gents Teams.
The Gents faced Peebles at home in their Week 11 fixture and were in confident mood having only lost by 2 shots in the reverse fixture at Peebles in the first half of the season. Unfortunately, any advantage of playing at home disappeared as the home side fell to their worst defeat of the season.
Watson, White, Nisbet and Hutton lost a 5 on the fourth end of the night and never really recovered from that as they fell to an 11-shot defeat, 22-11.
Clarke, Moorhead, Young & Ogilvie scored a 5 on the fourth end of the night but a disastrous few ends late on scuppered their chances of getting anything from their match. In a 4-end burst they lost 4, 2, 5 and a 3 as they fell to a 12-shot defeat, 24-12.
Things were even worse for Richards, McGeoch, Gillie & Wilson who only managed to win four of the 17 ends played and regularly lost 3’s and 4’s on their way to a dreadful 33-7 defeat.
The only rink not to sustain a heavy loss was Davidson, Cazaly, Weir & Gilchrist. They let a 5-1 lead slip to trail 13-8 with two ends to go. They fell just short as two 2's on the last two ends nearly brought them level, ultimately falling to a 13-12 defeat. Overall, the Gents fell to 92-42 defeat.
Week 12 was even more disappointing for the Gents as they were unable to field a team to visit Gala resulting in an automatic 32 shot loss. Two bad weeks have seen the Gents drop to 5th place in the Division 2 table.
The Ladies Week 11 match saw them take on Melrose. The rink of Rooney, Davidson, Shackleton & MacRae got off to a great start with a 4 on the first end but they then lost 5 shots over the next two ends before 8 unanswered shots put them in a commanding position at 12-5 up after 6 ends. The Melrose outfit hit back, however, and a single on the penultimate end brought the scores level at 16-16. The last end saw Melrose pick up a single as the Lauder quartet fell to a disappointing 17-16 loss.
It was therefore left to Elrick, Wilson, Clarke & Ainslie to try and salvage something from the match and at 11-9 down with 3 ends to play they looked in trouble. A terrific finish, however, for the Lauder rink saw a 2 and two singles give them a 13-11 win and the tightest of overall victories by 29 shots to 28.
The Ladies Week 12 match v St Ronans / Peebles was postponed due to bad weather but a win for the Ladies in the rearranged fixture this week could see them jump 3 places in the League table.

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Our Beat the Clock Singles Competition was played on Saturday 8th June and despite some horrendous weather elsewhere in the country this fun event was played in dry conditions. The match of the first round saw Isabel take on Margaret in a tight contest which went to an extra end after the scores were tied at 7-7 as the siren sounded. Margaret won that extra end to book her place in the second round. There were good wins for Dod, Greig, Crazy, Brian, Jonathan and Garth who all joined Margaret and Chris (bye) in the second Round in what looked like the tougher half of the draw. With byes into that second Round, the bottom half players then took to the green and the first major shock of the day saw Duncan defeat Lee by a 10-4 scoreline. The bottom half also saw wins for Danny and Anne and following the withdrawal of red-hot favourite Avril, Malcolm managed to get his second bye of the day – not a bowl bowled, and he was into the last 8! In the top half there was another upset as Greig defeated Gents Champion, Chris, whilst sibling love was put to one side as Margaret brushed aside Dod by 12 shots to 5! Wins for Brian and Garth completed the quarter final line-up. The first of those quarter finals saw Greig narrowly edge out Margaret in the last end. Garth comfortably defeated Brian in ¼ final 2 whilst Duncan then continued his good day by defeating Danny in an exciting finish – 6-4 down playing the last end, Duncan picked up a 3 to book his place in the semis. The last ¼ final saw Malcolm eventually make his debut and he was as fresh as a daisy as he strolled to a 9-0 win over Anne.
Semi-final 1 was a repeat of last year’s final but this time with a different result as Greig recorded a 12-0 win over Garth. The other semi saw a combined age of 175 on the green as Malcolm put an end to Duncan’s good day with an 8-3 win. So the scene was set for a stroll in the park for Greig and at 4-0 up after 3 ends he’s now wishing he’d played for time a bit more! A 2 for Malcolm in end 4 made it interesting and as the siren sounded, he was lying two more – Greig had a bowl to draw either the shot or second shot for the win and blew it. 4-4 and an extra end was required. Malcolm’s 96 years of experience showed through as he held on for a single to take the title 5-4 – well done to him. A terrific day had by all.    
The next week saw the return of the 500 Trophy which has been missing for a few years. 24 players competed on a gorgeous Friday night and it was fitting that at the end of the night the winners were decided by shot difference.
Garth, Jimmy, Jonathan and Laird looked like a strong quartet and they started with a big 14-4 win v Alan, Tom, Lenny and Danny. The pre-comp favourites on paper though were Crazy, Rab, Man of the Moment, Malcolm and Gwenda. Their first match saw them take on Anne C, Avril, Greig & Lee and at 6-4 up going into the last end they were in control – two terrific last bowls from Lee, however, made a three and the Wilson rink started with a narrow 7-6 win. The final first round robin match saw Kev, Dod, Carol and Isabel take on Anne R, Roddy, Sandra and Brian. A 6-3 win for Brian’s rink saw them take second place overall after the first round of matches.
Next up for the Hogarth rink was a match v the Gilchrist rink and when they recorded a 6-3 win, they looked a good bet to finish top of the pile. The Cassidy rink also got off the mark with a 5-4 win v the Ogilvie quartet. The final match of Round 2 saw a big win for the Wilson rink as they defeated Isabel’s team by 15 shots to 2, a result which put them slightly ahead going into the last round of matches on shot difference.
That last round of matches started off with Ogilvie v Gilchrist and despite being hot favourites at the start of the night, Crazy, Rab, Malcolm and Gwenda were the only side not to win a match as they finished with a 7-3 loss. 2 wins and 1 defeat for Brian, Roddy, Anne and Sandra left them needing other results to go their way. When Danny, Tom, Lenny and Alan defeated the Wilson rink by a single shot the door was left open for the Hogarth four to finish as the only undefeated team and take home the trophy. This is bowls, however, and nothing is ever that straightforward – with their best performance of the night Isabel, Kev, Dod and Carol put everything up in the air with a 7-3 win.
4 rinks therefore finished with 2 and 1 records – Danny’s big loss in the first match put him out of the running (-8). Brian’s rink had 3 close matches and he finished in third place with a +4 shot difference. The 7-3 defeat in their last match cost Garth’s rink – their shot difference was +9 and that resulted in Anne, Avril, Greig & Lee picking up the trophy with a +13-shot difference. A terrific night of bowls played in good spirits by all – well apart from some controversy about kicking bowls out before the shots were conceded – good job it didn’t matter at the end of the night!!!
June was a busy month which ended with the Keith Nichol Memorial Competition, played in two sections. According to Sandra S. she was really disappointed not only by the fact that she had no say as to who she was drawn with but also by the fact that her section was filled with quality pairings - we don't think we can publish what she said about the other section! Section 1 saw two pairings (Brian & Roddy and Sandra & Greig) finish equal on points with 3 wins and 1 defeat - the former pair, however, deservedly came out on top on shot difference after some impressively big wins, including a win against their closest contenders for a place in the final. In the other section the old timers (we mean experienced pair) of Malcolm & Duncan didn't live up to the bookies expectations and it was left to Lee & Dod to make the final. Lee hadn’t even planned on playing but after a horrendous day of bowls elsewhere finished early due to his alleged sub-standard play, he turned up at the Club, looked at the bottom section of the draw and thought to himself that a place with Dod looked like a good bet - a last minute place in the field taken (he has a habit of doing that) and then breezed through to the final!! In that final, Lee & Dod were never in trouble and secured the win to bring to an end a cracking day. Well done to them.


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Weeks 9 and 10 of the 2019 Border Bowling League saw some mixed results for our Ladies & Gents Teams.
The Ladies’ Week 9 match was always going to be a tough one as they travelled to face third placed Jedburgh. Both Lauder rinks fell to defeats and overall, they suffered a 37-24 loss. Rooney, Fullerton, Shackleton & MacRae did well to battle back from a 16-6 deficit with 5 ends to play to cut the gap to just 4 shots (19-15).
In Week 10 the Ladies faced Kelso. Nichol, Sked, Clarke & Elrick started fairly well and after 5 ends the scores were tied at 4-4. Unfortunately, they only picked up 3 further shots in the last 10 ends as they fell to a 13-7 defeat.

Rooney, Davidson, Shackleton & MacRae’s match went all the way to the last end. After a disastrous 4 on end 12 they trailed 12-8 but the next two ends saw them recover three of those shots to only trail by 1 going into the last end of the night. It wasn’t to be for the Lauder quartet, however, as they lost a single on that last end to fall to a 13-11 defeat. A disappointing two weeks for the Ladies results in them dropping to 10th place in the League table.
The Gents welcomed Selkirk in their Week 9 fixture, confident having been victorious in the reverse match by 76 shots to 62.  They knew that a win would cement their place mid table and heap more pressure on Selkirk who were struggling at the wrong end of Division 2. A good night followed for Lauder as they ran out 67-56 winners.
Week 10 saw the Gents travel to face third place Kelso. After 10 ends the Lauder Team were looking for a miracle, many just wanting to make the journey back to Lauder early – a 30 shot deficit across the board and some real hammerings were being dealt out by a strong Kelso side.
The worst score at that stage was a 17-2 deficit for the rink of McGeoch, Finlay, Nisbet & Ogilvie. Credit to them, however, as they dug deep and won 7 of the last 8 ends played to reduce the deficit to a 3 shot loss, 16-19 – a remarkable turnaround given their start.
In a similar position after 10 ends was the rink of Watson, Davidson, McDonell & Weir – 15-4 down and they were in deep trouble. They, however, restricted the hosts to only 2 more shots over the course of the last 7 ends as they narrowed the gap to only a 4 shot loss, 13-17.
The rink of Richards, Cazaly, Clarke & Wilson kept pace with their opponents and in a tight match they were tied 7-7 after 10 ends. A great 3 on the penultimate end and a single on the last secured a 15-10 win for the visitors and remarkably across the board only a two shot deficit with 3 rinks concluded.
Unfortunately, Lauder’s final rink of Moorhead, Gillie, Young & Gilchrist were never ahead in their match. 6 of the first 7 ends went the way of the Kelso rink giving them a 10-1 lead. Although the deficit was reduced it wasn’t enough as the hosts ran out 16-9 victors.  Overall, Lauder fell to a 62-53 defeat, respectable given the position In which they found themselves after 10 ends and despite that loss their fourth place in the Division 2 table was maintained.

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Week 8 of the 2019 Border Bowling League saw our Ladies & Gents teams both face Hawick opposition.
On Tuesday 18th June, the Ladies hosted Hawick Bowling Club. Lauder's first rink was unchanged as Rooney, Fullerton, Shackleton and MacRae attempted to recover from their defeat the previous week to Gala. At 9-5 down after 8 ends, the home team looked in trouble, however, with the help of a 4 and a 5 over the course of the next four ends they found themselves 15-12 up with three ends to play. After the loss of a 2, a single on the penultimate end gave Lauder a two-shot lead going into the last end. A nervous finish was ensured as the visitors scored a two to tie the match 16-16.  
On the other rink, Elrick, Davidson, Clarke & Ainslie were involved in a topsy turvy tussle from beginning to end. They recovered from a 6-2 deficit to lead 11-7 after 12 ends and a win looked likely with 3 ends to play. The Hawick quartet, however, narrowed the gap with 3 shots over the next two ends to trail by one as the final end was played. With the overall match win on the line, the home side were disappointed as they lost a single, thus the scores were levelled at 11-11 and overall the spoils were shared with a 27-27 draw.
The next night saw the Gents make the long journey to face Buccleuch. A few hours before the match, there was talk of a concession due to Lauder struggling to field a team (5 players short). Miraculously, and well done to Lee for achieving it, in the run up to leaving Lauder, a full Team was achieved much to the relief of all concerned.
Cazaly, Gillie, Clarke & Cassidy were the first rink to finish and they were never ahead in a match which saw them win 7 of the 17 ends played. The main difference was that whilst Lauder only scored more than a single on two of those ends, the Hawick based quartet scored singles on only 4 of their 10 ends won. The resultant 18-9 defeat for the visitors immediately put them on the back foot.  
Second to finish were McGeoch, Moorhead, Young and Wilson. At just over the half-way point the visitors held a narrow 9-8 advantage. The second half of the match, however, saw a terrific surge by the Lauder side including a massively important 6 on the penultimate end of the night. They won 7 of the last 8 ends picking up 16 shots along the way to an impressive 25-10 win.
The penultimate rink off the green was Richards, Davidson, McDonell & Weir. They looked in trouble early on as they trailed 7-2 after 5 ends and 9-5 after 9 ends. The match swung, however, over the next 4 ends, all of which were won by Lauder, with 7 shots being picked up over ends 12 and 13. Their 14-9 lead was not to be relinquished as they went on to record a 17-13 win.
The final rink saw our Gents finalists from 2018, Chris Ainslie and Billy Nisbet play at positions 3 & 4. After 9 ends across the board, Lauder trailed by 15 shots overall but as the Wilson & Weir rinks brought Lauder back into the lead, the final rink knew they required to recover from a 13-9 deficit after 9 ends – and recover they did. A single on the last end tied the match 17-17 and with that Lauder recorded an important 68-58 victory.  

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